Children's Playground in Takino Hillside Park

Location: Sapporo Hokkaido
Client: Hokkaido Development Agency
Size: 1.8 ha
Work period: 1998-2000
Scope of works: Master plan, Detail design,
Site supervision


Nature Play ground
The aim of this project was to create a place where children can play freely in the natural environment. The idea of the Nature Playground was fundamental. Children today have less experience with the wild environment, and would feel helpless to play in the forest with no previous experience. To adjust them to play in the forest gradually, we have prepared five stages. This area was planned as a first stage playground. The space was designed to release children from their everyday life chores, and awaken their senses before entering the forest.


Wonders of the nests of the living things
The basic theme for the playground was nests. Images were inspired from the nests of various living things. They were developed to provoke adventure and creativity, and in super sizes so children can run around feeling as if they have become one of the small living things. Most of the facilities are covered with green and soil to unify with the surroundings. The forms include a tower of ant hives, an ant hive tunnel, the dome of a rainbow nest, the nest of mid-air birds, and fluffy eggs.

left & center: Stimulate a sense of light, darkness, sound, temperature
right: Ant hive tower: 1/30scale model

Co-operation with the fabric artist, creating free forms
The net play tool of the rainbow nest dome was made in collaboration with fabric artist, Toshiko Macadam. Children have the opportunity to experience an artistic environment. Organic forms of ant hives were measured by computer from the model and drawn by using the data measured, then constructed by using the truss wall construction method.

Rainbow net
Rainbow net
Mid-air birds nest
Mid-air birds nest