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    Garden Academy 4th Lectured by Patric Blanc

    Mr. Patrick Blanc who is known for "Vertical Garden" come on Academy Garden on Hokkaido Garden Show 2015.
    He has done a lot of projects with global architects.
    In Japan, there is such as Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art of 2004 "Green Bridge", is currently in progress a project of Shin-Yamaguchi Station.

    DATE : July 16th ,2015
    TIME : 14:00~16:00 /// Lecture
    16:00~17:00 /// Reception
    VENUE : Taisetsu Main Venue <Daisetsu Mori no Garden>
    DUE : 6000yen

    How this overwhelming art with plants were created?
    What is his color sense be inspired?
    It is great opportunity to learn his sense, not only Expert of Garden, Landscape and Architecture but also common people with an interest in Green.

    Garden Academy 4th Lectured by Patric Blanc

    UPDATE : 2015.06.17
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